Over the last few days, questions I have been getting is why things don’t work for some people, and I would even want to take it further by adding “most people”. A lot of people pay loads of money to attend seminars and Personal Development classes, set their goals, take all the advice they can get from their Trainers, Coaches and Gurus, few months down the line they’re back where they were, in some cases worse than where they were.

They set their Goals, they plan, they schedule and they follow through, but then nothing happens, no changes, they’re back on the net surfing for new seminars and trainers and top coaches, pouring money into finding answers.

Well, one of the things I came up with was that some find it hard to get clarity on the Goals they have set themselves, they know where they want to be but confused about getting there, things become blur and cloudy, not knowing where to dot the “i” or cross the “t”, frustration kicks in, they become angry, which is understandable, having spent so much money. Then eventually they will settle for more training, some of these trainers and Coaches, even expect these clients to come back with problems and serious issues, and then they take it as an opportunity to upsell them, some pay to even follow these Trainers and Coaches around the world while they teach others the same things.

I have been working in the Floating Industry since 2007, and I have dealt with thousands of clients, across the UK and beyond, I have never stopped learning about this amazing technic, I have seen results, loads of it, and areas where people fail to experience the benefits of Floating.

One of the reasons why I brought Floatation Therapy into Personal Development is to ensure the mental benefits are understood and appreciated. If Clients are not aware of the power of the subconscious, then they’re being short change, in their quest for change.

You see people are so full of things that have angered them in the past, areas they have come up short, times that they let themselves down. Am not pointing fingers, I have been there, but I don’t live there anymore, I know how to forgive myself and forgive others.

You see if your mind is full of things that have upset you, you get stressed out, and that’s the time you will be picking up the phone to call me up for a floatation session. At City Relaxation Centre, if we cannot get clients to clear their minds, we will be honest with them that their benefits on that day will be on the physical side only. When you come to see us there are several technics we will show you to help de-clutter the mind.

Forgiveness is a process, and it’s one successful people master, as long as you’re living on this planet, this is something you should master if you want to succeed, and it doesn’t stop at the people you come across, it includes yourself, if you cannot forgive yourself then you end up becoming your worse enemy.

No matter how much money you spend with those Gurus, Trainers, Coaches and the Helping Industry, you will not get clarity if you cannot clear your mind, and I say start by forgiving things and people that have hurt you, and then you turn to yourself for those stupid mistakes, and then get ready to take on the world.

At City Relaxation Centre, we have a program on forgiveness. Get clarity and exhale. We are here to help.


I look forward to your comments.


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