It’s 2020

It’s 2020

It’s 2020, and the third month in the year, all your New Year’s resolutions are holding up fine, no problems, you bought those properties you were dreaming of in 2016, your kids are heading in the right direction, things are great, just as you planned and scheduled it, way back in 2016, your marriage is safe, your Banks are chasing you to increase your overdrafts, and get the latest platinum credit cards.

It’s 2020, one fine Tuesday evening, you found your wife very upset and stressed out, you just walked in from your office and heard a big bang on the kitchen worktops, your lovely wife just opened the envelope that contained the tickets for the family’s forthcoming Easter Holidays, a family holiday to Jamaica, she’s absolutely mad and upset with you, and quite rightly so, because she did tell you at the beginning of the year that she would like her first holiday of 2020, to be a cruise to the Island of Fiji.

It’s 2020, and you stood there in the kitchen trying to persuade your wife that you will have the cruise in July, but she would have none of it. You slowly walked back into the living room and got yourself a glass of champagne while things cool down, all of a sudden your mind went back to 2016, the problems you were having back then; fighting over paying the bills, apologizing to your family, for your big mouth broken promises, the only envelopes that were coming through your letterbox back then were the brown ones with late payment charges and debt collectors notices. When you will hear a knock your door and you were scared that the bailiffs were there to pick up your single sofa bed in your living room.

But it’s 2020, and you thought how different things are, what a great problem to have with your partner today, all those efforts you put in back in 2016, paid off. It’s 2020, and you’re happy you did not give in to the fears and obstacles of 2016. You fought through laziness, procrastination and those negative voices inside of you. You see, if you stand up now, work towards a sound mind and body, through Flotation Therapy and Personal Development, you will get to where you want to be in 2020.

Am not saying in 2020, you won’t have problems, make sure you hear me, what am saying is that you will have different issues to deal with, you will arrive at your problems in style, things will be different, but only if you ACT NOW! I know you have been working hard to earn a living, you have done a lot, and there are times when you would have said to yourself; “how soon can I retire?”, but have you been working harder on yourself to enjoy your fortune, that which you have been working for when you set your goals back in 2016? The whole idea of you working hard, I hope, is for a meaningful future, not to pay those lousy bills just to keep the bailiffs away. Well, it’s 2020, how are you feeling mentally and physically?

It’s 2020, Flotation Therapy and your regular consultation on Personal Development, helped you over the years to stay fit and healthy, you now have the discipline to do your one-hour daily exercise, and your one-hour Flotation Session every month, no matter what the weather condition is. The only major issues you have is how to spend your wealth, how many holidays to take every year, where to go (without upsetting your partner of course), who and what to see, what charities to support, and so on.

There are BIG things in store for you if you start looking after yourself NOW! So I want to encourage you to stand up against that which you’re scared of, those obstacles that will spring up from nowhere as soon as you’re getting close to your GOALS

It’s 2020, are you up for it?

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