Knowledge is not enough

Knowledge is power, is what some claim, nothing could be further from the truth, knowledge is never enough, knowledge is not power!

What we know must be translated into action, otherwise, we’re just as bad as the man or woman who knows absolutely nothing.

How often have we seen a PhD, or Masters, holder, flooding him or herself with material goods but not having a clue as to how to enjoy these stuff, or can’t even keep a happy home? A multi-millionaire, I know, find it hard to even break a smile, he is always miserable as the man on the streets who has or know nothing.

Knowledge is not power, knowledge is potential power. Having acquired knowledge we should now start a lifelong journey of learning how to live, how to contribute, how to add value so that our own lives will be fulfilled.

Power is the ability to act!

A young man said to me the other day, “now that I know how things work where I work, I will make sure that I drop my tools ten minutes to 5 pm, so I can get myself ready to walk out of the door at exactly 5 pm, because that is what I get paid for”. Here’s a case of someone with the ability to act without the knowledge. Guess what my response to him was? “the quickest way to get out of that job, is to go in first and leave last”.

While some of us may be excited about the ability to act, we may want to ensure we get the knowledge to go with the action, otherwise, we may end up with the wrong results.

At City Relaxation Centre, we help you get the discipline and energy you need for a healthy lifestyle, a mindset that will give you the courage to act on the things you already know, and to make sense of your reasons for being here, and use your achievements to make a difference, as you continue to grow and master the art of completing your goals.

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Festus George-Sawyerr,


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