Longevity at City Relaxation Centre, Longevity is a package that helps prepare you for life’s journey, on your own terms, and also show you how that journey can be doubled and enjoyed. We can help you double your time on this Planet, here’s some guidance to what we do…
Hello, my name is Festus George-Sawyerr, and today I am going to show you; How You Can Double Your Time On This Planet. Here are some questions to help guide you through this topic.

Do you breathe?

Take a moment and think about this question please, before you answer.
I am hoping your answer to that question is, YES! Now, if that is the case, have you ever taken time out to acknowledge your breathing?

Do you eat?

If yes, how long do you spend eating? Do actually just eat to fill your stomach so you can get some energy to rush to work or get cracking on that to-do list?

Do you have sex?

If you do, do you appreciate who you’re having it with, or do you just do it because it is expected of you? Where does the word Quickie, come from?

Are you in a relationship?

If so, do you make time for that relationship? No, not just to go shove some food down your throat and have a quickie and fall asleep, that’s not what am on about.
Do you know the colour of your partner’s eyes?
Have you got plans for Longevity, with your partner?

Do you have kids?

If yes, have you ever taken the time to acknowledge their goodbyes and I love you?

How do you describe LIVING?

Is it cars, houses and big food?

Now, this is not an exam, am just here as a good friend, sharing and reminding you of what you know already. So there are no right or wrong answers, am just guiding you to a place where you can live before you die.

You see, what happens is some of us just sleepwalk through life, or dare I say sleep work through life, we miss out on living.

Let me tell you how I describe Living; it is being present in my life experiences.
Longevity brings meaning to your life, and as we help keep your energy levels up through Flotation Therapy, you will have the opportunity to look back at your life and make use of those experiences.
If for example you’re now 40 years old, and you spend only about three hours a day living, being actually present in whatever you do at any one moment at a time, and with current life expectancy about 85, in some parts of the world, it means you will only live about 6 years of your life. Check the maths yourself with your age.
So the more you’re present in what you do, at any moment, the longer you will live. do not be in one place while wondering about things in other places, you can only be in one place at a time, so be there. Result…the less stressful your life will become, the happier you will be, and guess what? You will not be the one the word STRESS is look out for. You have less and very minimum chance to become stressed out.
This is how folks attract stress, and before they know it, it turns into some disease, and just after they diagnose them, they aged ten years, that’s when everything hit them, and before you know it, they’re gone, they never even lived.

Live!!! Enjoy every moment, wherever you are.

My new book, The Relaxation Handbook, gives you a step by step guide to a great day. Enjoy it.

Longevity deal packages can be bought for buy one get one half price.
Please feel free to ask questions and share with your friends. I will also be holding a Talk on,
Relaxation and Personal Development on our monthly Events.

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