If you have time to breathe you have time to meditate


At City Relaxation Centre, we have qualified hypnotherapists to help you kick a bad habit, and easily adopt a new positive/healthy one to fill that void. Be it a long-term condition or just something you got adapted to in your current environment, we will help you kick the habit.

Whether you want to lose weight, give up smoking, or relieve stress. Your job is to be prepared to be hypnotised if you don’t want to change or be hypnotised there’s no point in coming to see us.

Sessions start from £90. an hour, including refreshments, and telephone or online support.


This is one of the most effective types of Meditation. It is focus driven, we help direct your thoughts to one particular thought or attention to your breathing, a piece of Music or the dim light in our Meditation room. The benefit of this particular technic is that it helps you remain calm and totally relaxed.


This is a very tricky type of meditation, it deals with whatever comes in the mind. One of the reasons we advise our Float Clients not to worry too much if their mind wanders while they’re lying in their Flotation Tank is because it could have a paradoxical effect while you’re meant to be relaxed. This is where you gain relaxation in the midst of all what may be going through your mind.


One of the reasons why we encourage our Clients to have a consultation before their sessions is to help identify the right type of meditation for them that will get them the results they are after, there are no Quick fixes at City Relaxation Centre. This type of medication is more of physical benefit, it is usually recommended for those who are not too bothered about their mental state and just want to relax their body.


An exciting technic this one is, bringing about change, making your thoughts into reality. During this session, we will get to grips with where you want to be.


An interesting type of meditation and one of the most popular at City Relaxation Centre. This type of meditation will take you back to your moments of happiness and joyousness. We will help take you back to who you really are.


At City Relaxation Centre we guide you through this meditation to archive relaxation and peace of mind. Most people do this in private but we encourage our Clients to participate in a group session. Please come prepared with your written note on your immediate issues that cause you to wander off, stressed out or stay up at night, and we will guide you to a state of relaxation and bliss.

Meditation rooms

At City Relaxation Centre, we also look out for those who don’t want to experience that Closed-In feeling in a Float Pod, our Meditation Room can cater for a group of ten, or should you want a private session that can also be arranged.

Depending on your journey through life you can select from our Relaxation Collection the type of meditative music you need to help you get the result you’re after.

We can also help you reach your Goal quicker by sending messages to you while you’re meditating.
During this session, you can choose to sit, lie on our comfortable cushions or on the floor, Complimentary herbal refreshments await following your session.

An hour’s session is £60.00
30 Minutes Session is £40.00

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