Mental Relaxation

Mental Relaxation

Thinking about cancelling the debt without any mental reservation?

To enable you to focus on your goals, City Relaxation Centre, scores high on mental relaxation. People do strive, they push themselves to the limit, but then they get distracted, could be the politics at work, could be the family, could be loneliness, could be depression, could just be our response to external stimuli or not being able to forget issues you have already dealt with, issues with the ones closest to you, expecting a particular response, even though you claim, it is all forgotten.

Those issues that linger, which we once claim we dealt with, simply means we never dealt with them in the first place. We’re still in love with that sense of condemnation, we feel superior when we condemn others because it always gives us that short-term sense of satisfaction. We tend to expect a certain response from those we tell; “Oh, it’s all forgiven and forgotten”, it’s like cancelling one debt and making a new one as the day progresses.

Gaining your Mental strength enables you to focus on your own achievements and future goals, lying on your Floatation Tank releases endorphins, the bodies natural opiates, which helps your mind dismiss those mental scars.


Do you know where your mind is?

Most people I have asked this question don’t have a clue. Your mind is in your brain, which, believe it or not, you control, but again most people don’t know how to use their brain, they can’t even think, they don’t know how to think.

At City Relaxation Centre, we will show you how to think. Really? Well, because they’re usually scared to be referred to as failures, or they’re probably terrified of making mistakes.

If you’re scared of making mistakes or worried about what the Jones’s may say, then your life may just be on hold, err, you’ll be bouncing about physically, but your mental strength will just be reduced to doing the basics in your familiar environment. This is where the brilliant mind goes to work when we make mistakes or fail because that’s the only time we asked ourselves; “what in the world just happened?” or in my case; “what the hell just happened?”

This is the time the mind goes to work, we then place our thinking cap on. And come to think of it, if we just resign or retire ourselves to doing the things we’re sure to get success from, we just party, in celebrating more and more successes, who would want to think then? So am I saying getting success all the time may lead to a shorter life? YES! Since we tend to celebrate after every success, we find ourselves on the bottle again, or in and out of nightclubs banging our tired heads to the tune of what some of us call enjoyment, or on that white stuff again.

Make failure and mistakes, your first cousins, love them to bits, that will help keep dementia away as you grow older. The most successful people in life fail most of the time, and it is that pain from failure helps them back up again, it is that thinking period from their mistakes helps them master procrastination, it helps them into the action man that the world refer to as a success.

So if you have lost your mind then come and see us, we will be happy to find it and stick it back where it belongs.

let’s get you mentally relaxed.

I look forward to your comments…


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