We have a range of publications to support your Personal Development and help you live life on your own terms.


At City Relaxation Centre we are obsessed about your Personal Development, we don’t just throw in some floatation tank, we help create the energy you need to fulfil your ambition, helping you work on your own Personal Mission Statement so you can own your tomorrow.

Personal Development Coaching is the quickest channel to gaining clarity on your life’s journey; It may be a lack of excitement, stress, feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled, not wanting to get out of bed to face your day, unsure about your relationships or those you give your time to and most of all your inability to take action because you scared or unsure.

You may also be ready for that next step in your life but can’t give yourself enough reasons to get started. Some of us need to be called to account for our own lives.

What to expect?

One to one private and confidential session tailored to your needs
Complimentary refreshments before, during and after your session
Free copy of the relaxation handbook
After care online support

Benefits of attending a session with us

You will get a clearer sense of who you are
You will gain a more relaxed and peaceful state of mind
You will have an increase in your energy levels
You will be more focused on what it is you need to do
You will take action and change your life

What our clients say


“Wow my session was very intense!”

“I left my appointment with a better sense of purpose.”

“I was a bit sceptical at first but I learn quite a bit about myself.”