Personal Development

Personal Development

Personal Development is all about raising your game, working harder on yourself, setting and achieving your goals. Successful Living Anywhere, by Festus George-Sawyerr, is the ultimate Personal Development book for today’s changing world. The old classics like; Think and grow rich, by Napoleon Hill and Lead the field, by Earl Nightingale, does not cover certain areas of the information age and are not as timeless as we were made to believe.

Successful Living Anywhere, covers areas like Religion and Relationships and the effect of Social Media in the information age, areas the so-called coaches and self-help gurus, are not comfortable talking about because they want everyone on board. What they did was go back to old philosophers like Hill, Nightingale and Maltz, copy what they did and make it their own. What this book is about is what is happening in our world at this period, not yesterday’s world.

Successful Living Anywhere

Things have changed, some of those old classics cannot stand up anymore, but today’s Philosophers are so scared to cover important areas of this age because they will not be able to please everyone.

Successful Living Anywhere, helps guide you through how you can use the abundant energy you get from floating regularly to not only achieve your goals but get the discipline for continuous growth by placing you in a position to act instead of putting things off, it is not where you are at the moment, but how you react to where you are and the messages from your subconscious, while the dominant side of your brain is shut down during your Flotation session.

Our book on Personal Development encourages you to follow through on your plans and enjoy the process as you do so wherever in the world you may be. To proactively prepare yourself for your week, that will lead on to your daily “To-do list”, with you being aware that working harder on yourself first is the key to getting you anywhere!

A one-one session on Personal Development Coaching is £149:99, for 90 minutes, but if you introduce a friend your first session will be absolutely free of charge.


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