This is the time of the year that we take our minds out of our brains onto our bodies, the time we let our hair and heads down and get on with whatever it is we called enjoyment.

It is also the time for looking after ourselves and send a reminder to our brains that our bodies are a Temple. Floating regularly during this Christmas period enables us to have and enjoy our so-called fun in a peak state.

City Relaxation Centre opens throughout the Christmas period and beyond we will help you keep your minds in your brains, where it belongs. you operate completely differently when your mind and body are working together when you have a relaxed approach towards your to-do lists.

Relaxation equals good health and a calm mind, you can always depend on a calm person, can’t you? So why not you?

After your Flotation session you will become so relaxed that you will even choose the people and things you want around you, the things and people that get your attention, because they will come after you believe me, they’re out there waiting to get you all stressed out again, from the break of dawn until you retire to your bed.

Stay calm and be choosy about what you let into your space, even your telephone was installed for your convenience, so choose when you pick it up, don’t be compelled by its ringtone, you don’t have to answer it every time. Stay in control…Relax.

We look forward to being of service.

Festus George-Sawyerr
Author of The Deepest Form of Relaxation & ANYWHERE


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