When would NOW be a good time?


Are you a seasoned procrastinator? If so this book is ideal for you, identify useful methods to stop you putting off crucial tasks and finding excuses by learning how to take action straight away.

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Having studied human behaviour for over a decade one of the most common complaints is that time is not enough to get things done. But guess what? There never will be, father time moves on regardless. People who are aware of this get on top of that which is important, they don’t ask for more time, they search for more skills and energy to focus on the critical stuff.

When would now be a good time, gets us into shape to face our day and get on top of important tasks quickly. The title of this book is a reminder that there is always time for that which is important to us. You cannot manage or fight Time, but you can make Time your friend and manage yourself.

With everything else going on in our world this book teaches us how to raise and keep our energy levels up and go about our daily tasks in a much more relaxed and focused way, avoiding distractions and knowing when to say NO to less important things.

When your energy level is up you’re likely to face those tasks that you would have easily procrastinated on and shelve for another day.

When would now be a good Time, shows us how to zoom in on bigger challenges that would impact our tomorrow the most. One of the reasons why people don’t take action is because they do not feel good about themselves, some would say to me; “oh yeah, I will do it when I feel good man, don’t feel good right now”, they get it back to front, don’t they? It is the actions we take that makes us feel good because the objective of life is to act, not to hang around planning and wishing.

Affirmations without the discipline and energy to follow through are the beginning of delusions!


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