The Existential Void

The Existential Void

The Existential Void, or what some may refer to as; Mental Illness, Aggression, Frustration, Depression or Boredom, is what I call life without meaning. At City Relaxation Centre,,  one of the things we do is to find out your passion and help you set up goals that we will work with you in the short term, that will eventually bring some meaning to your life

You see when peoples lives are empty they become frustrated because they can’t see or understand the meaning of their being here, they question their presence here, which sometimes leads to suicide or chronic depression. This emptiness in one’s life is not a mental disease, it is a lack of one’s understanding of their existence.

One needs to do better than just getting up in the morning, going to work and coming back home. No Worthwhile Goal, to be fulfilled or excited about, this dangerous vacuum is what leads to Depression and Mental Illness. That’s one of the reasons people feel let down in a relationship, they must have thought being with that person will bring them happiness.

Because we find ourselves in that realm of free will, we don’t usually accommodate people telling us what to do, or what we ought to be doing, and sometimes, sadly, we don’t know what to do. Instead, we settle for conformity or wait for the government to tell us what to do. When we don’t conform or listen to the government, we get bored, and boredom can be worse than stress.

So we ask the question when you come to see us at City Relaxation Centre; “what would you do with all that energy you get from floating regularly?”

Mental illness, Aggression, Frustration, Depression, mostly spring from lack of contents or a human being living a meaningless life. People lack contents, especially when it comes to the end of their working week; some get depressed, or in other cases, they look forward so much to that Friday that they lose the rest of their week. what a sad place to be. No meaningful opportunity!

At City Relaxation Centre,, we help you fill this Existential Void, through Personal Development.

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