Managing Procrastination

The antidote to procrastination

Managing Procrastination is what this book is about because we cannot get rid of it, it is part of life and here to stay. So now that you have the Antidote to Procrastination you can carry on your journey of Personal Development,  Kindle version is also available here,  so no more excuses, let’s get to work!

The same discipline it takes to beat the alarm clock in the morning is the same discipline it takes to succeed and act on what is on your to-do list, or on the goals you set yourself for the sort of life you choose to live. A lot of people set out goals and go to work on the kind of life they want to live but then somewhere along the lines they start making excuses for not following through on what they set out to achieve.

This book will encourage you to make decisions that serve you and make light work of those things you want to achieve, to make decisions and follow through and also to make decisions to sit back without feeling guilty or stressed out.

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